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Back in 1989, Nissan created the Infiniti division of their company. They created this in the hopes of diving into the luxury automotive industry. The company started with two models: the M30 and Q45. These were cars that were extremely visually appealing and aslo featured a range of high performance features that made them popular. Infiniti made a name for itself and were competing against established luxury marques like BMW and Jaguar. In the 2000s, Infiniti stepped back and made some new redesigns. The company was able to keep their name as a leading luxury car manufacturer on the market. The brand sells a range of premium SUVs, crossovers, and sedans. Each vehicle features things that elevate the look and performance. It's important that when you drive an Infiniti that you ensure you use high quality OEM parts when you want to make upgrades or repairs. Only OEM parts are going to last a long time and fit the specifications of your exact model. We have a great selection of high quality parts and accessories designed with your Infiniti in mind. Shop today!