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Infiniti took the “sport” in sport utility vehicle to the whole next level with their FX50s. Produced from 2009-2013, the FX50 took the luxury SUV world by storm, giving drivers an option they had never experienced before. At the time, the brand-new FX50 put out the most powerful engine that Infiniti had seen yet, especially within a full-size SUV. Under the hood of the FX50 is a hefty V8 engine that Infiniti calls the VK50VE. This engine was originally based off of a 4.5L V6, but Infiniti took a hold of it, enhanced it in every way possible, and, now, their engine puts out an impressive 390 horsepower. On the outside, this makes sense: the FX50 is big, aggressive, and just looks like it’s full of power. On the inside, though, you’re left with a roomy, comfortable SUV that gets you where you need to go with style and comfort. Though this ride is no longer in production, Infiniti’s FX50 is still talked about today.