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Introduced back in the 1990s as an entry-level luxury car, Infiniti’s G20 exploded in popularity from the moment it hit production. This affordable yet quality sedan enhanced throughout the years, eventually becoming the sleek, sporty model you know and love. Although the G20 itself was stopped being made back in 2002, its style lives on through some of Infiniti’s most popular, modern models today.  

The G20 displays a classic exterior look, containing a 4-cylinder engine able to produce around 145 horsepower, depending on the year. Though the standard trim was considered Luxury, the G20 also offers Touring and Sport packages with modifications that enhanced the Infiniti’s look and performance tenfold. Over the years, the G20 underwent some revivals, each one playing towards the brand’s luxury reputation more with reproduction. Eventually, the sporty model began to boast 15-16” alloy wheels, keyless entry, and even a Bose audio system to show the world that Infiniti wasn’t playing around. Though this model is a bit of an older one, its advanced performance and functionality directly reflect Infiniti’s clear innovation--something that’s tough to find nowadays. Thankfully, we have Infiniti to rely on.


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