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Available as a sedan, coupe, or convertible, Infiniti’s G37 could seemingly do it all. This luxury car was first released back in 2008 just as a coupe, but as the years progressed, Infiniti began releasing other versions of the G37 to appeal to all drivers out there. These models are compact and sleek, ready to glide on the road without any hassle or trouble. Great response times and super-steady handling, these cars are luxurious from the inside out. Underneath the hood lays a 3.5L V6 that puts out an impressive 328 horsepower in all body styles. As you’re driving, you won’t even notice the roar of the V6. But, roll your windows down, turn off the music, and press on the gas, and you’ll be more than taken aback by the power that the G37 can produce. While no longer in production, these luxurious sedans, coupes, and convertibles showed drives that Infinitis were not cars to mess with.

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