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Infiniti’s I35 is a luxury performance sedan that may look simple, but it packs quite a punch in terms of comfortability and performance. Discontinued back in 2004, this sporty luxury vehicle is one of Infiniti’s most familiar models, with its body style still making a name for itself in Infiniti’s current line of automobiles. The 2002 I35 models produce an impressive 255 horsepower in a V-6, 3.5-liter engine, creating quite some power for its notoriously quiet operation.

On the outside, the I35 is sleek and classy, while the interior makes you feel like you’re riding directly in luxury with all-leather seats and seven 200-watt Bose speakers. Not to mention, the I35’s suspension takes a no-nonsense approach, keeping you feeling steady and comfortable on even the bumpiest roads. Simply put, though this traditional ride is no longer in production, it’s one that continues to demonstrate what happens when you combine the beauty of simplicity and functionality of luxury. If you’ve fallen in love with the I35’s features and performance, you’ll be able to find these things reminiscent in some of Infiniti’s newest models, too. Or, you can test your luck and keep an eye out for one of these classic, hard-to-beat luxury sedans.