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The J30 was a part of the Infiniti lineup between the years 1992-1997. The vehicle was a rear-wheel drive car that went in to production during 1992 to be introduced during the 1993 model year. The vehicle was designed as a replacement for the M30 coupe. It also was serving as competition for the Acura Legend as a mid-sized sedan in the Infiniti lineup. The car featured unique styling that was more rounded than normally seen on executive car designs. If you drive a J30, it's important that you use OEM parts when making repairs or upgrades to it. this is because only OEM parts are going to last a long time and fit your car's measurements perfectly. Other aftermarket parts don't come with quality guarantees like OEM parts do. OEM parts are manufactured according to manufacturer standards and will last a long time thanks to their quality materials. Find the best ones for your car here at Infiniti Parts Today.