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Designed to reflect the Nissan Leopard and bring originality to Infiniti’s lineup, the M30 was the talk of the town back in the late 80s and early 90s. The M30 was originally produced as a two-door coupe, but went on to be made as a convertible, too. Filled with comfortable seats, smooth suspension, and more space than you could ever need, the M30 was a car made for relaxation. That being said, its 3.0 V6 engine produced more than enough power (at 165 hp), though many turned to the M30 for a slower, steady ride that delivered passengers in total luxury. On the outside, it’s obvious that this model was built during a different time: its 90s reflected style is reminiscent in both body style and accessories, giving the M30 the classic look it's known for. Still popular today (more so for looks than anything), this old Infiniti showed classic cars what comfort was all about.