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Not too sharp and not too bubbly, Infiniti’s M35 boasted an exterior style that all drivers could fall in love with. This sedan was first introduced back in 2006 and followed the popular M45. After seeing the model’s transformation from M45 to M35, it was clear that Infiniti was switching gears. The M35 looked unlike anything Infiniti had yet to produce, switching the previous V8 engine to Infiniti’s standard 3.5L V6. Though smaller, this engine size proved perfect for the M35, providing plenty of speed whenever needed--especially the Sport models. The interiors of the M35 were luxurious and stylish, showcasing Brazillian Rosewood trim and soft leather seating. Handling was easy and response was quick; simply put, the M35 was the perfect everyday drive. The M35 has since been replaced by the M37, but its signature style still lives on in its class.