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The Infiniti Q45 was a full-sized sedan in the company's lineup that was sold from 1989 until 2006. The early generations of the rear-wheel drive vehicle were based on the looks of the Nissan President. The first generation known as the G50 had performance that caught the eye of auto-parts magazines almost immediately. The second generation was the FY33, and the third was the F50. When you're shopping for parts that you want to use on your Q45, you need to make sure that you're getting high quality components. Only OEM parts and accessories are going to give you the quality guarantees you need to feel confident making repairs or upgrades to your car. This is because OEM parts are manufactured according to a strict set of guidelines and designed with the measurements of your specific car in mind. This means they will last longer and fit properly alongside the other parts in your Q45. Shop our massive inventory online at Infiniti Parts Today.