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The Infiniti Q70 was created as an upgrade to the M series lineup of vehicles. It is part of a lineup of mid-sized executive vehicles. The first generation model was a Chinese model that went on sale in 2012. The entire Infiniti lineup was renamed in 2013, with the M sedans becoming the Q70. US models then went on sale for the 2014 model year and there were a range of versions, featuring the 3.7 AWD and 5.6 AWD. The Q70 model featured a range of new features like different fascia and new lighting components. There was also a Q70 hybrid addition. It's important that when you're looking for parts for your Infiniti Q70 that you're using OEM ones. OEM components are manufactured according to quality and factory guidelines, meaning they are going to last a longer period of time than aftermarket components. You don't want to cost yourself more time and money in the long run just because you didn't invest in quality parts. You can find a great selection of OEM parts and accessories for your Q70 here at Infiniti Parts Today.